What is Saphire®?

SAPHIRE® Imagery is a unique way of communicating with your subconscious and changing your life.
If you would like to have, do or be what you dream of, the power is in your subconscious.   FIND OUT MORE

NYC Classes

If you're in the NY Metro area, start your "Journey to You" in the beautiful School on Fifth Avenue. Learn with Catherine in person and meet some like-minded new friends.

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Online Classes

If you live outside of New York City, you can still explore Imagery, Tarot, Dream Opening and more to learn the fun, simple way to transform and discover your Self. Join us online and start your adventure!

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Downloadable Classes

If you can't make scheduled times for Saphire® classes, schedule your own! Our self-paced downloaded courses allow you to reinvent yourself as you like—in your own time, in your own place.

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Private Classes

If you'd like more in-depth time and personal guidance to explore your undiscovered, amazing Self; if you want to turn trauma, phobia or any kind of addiction into freedom, private sessions can do that for you.

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About Dr. Catherine Shainberg

Catherine Shainberg is a transpersonal psychologist, healer, visionary and teacher with a private practice in New York City. In her 40 years’ experience she has taught thousands of students around the world and created revolutionary tools for clearing physical and emotional disorders. READ MORE

“I got a job after I did Saphire® Imagery with Catherine.” –JM

SAPHIRE® Imagery is a unique way of communicating with your subconscious and changing your life.
If you have habits you don’t like and can’t stop, the cause is subconscious.
If you would like to have, do or be what you dream of, the power is in your subconscious.
The subconscious is the real creator of your life, and Saphire® can show you how to make it your friend and most powerful ally.


How Does It Work?
Saphire® Imagery is the basic technique for communication with your subconscious. Since the primary language of the mind is pictures, we can communicate quickly and directly using images. When you talk to the subconscious with images, the subconscious responds, sending back images and sense impressions.
You can also get answers and solve problems that defeat the conscious mind by communicating with the superconscious—the omniscient part of yourself—using Saphire®.
Dream Opening® is the technique for finding out what your night dreams have to tell you. Dreams are communications from our subconscious and superconscious that can have important information for us. Dream Opening gives you the information you need to decode and understand your dreams, and to act on the information they give you. With Dream Opening, you will be able to end recurring nightmares. You’ll know which dreams are prophetic for the future, which direct you to take action in the present. You’ll be able to make decisions and take action with the information your dream gives you.
Morphology is the technique for determining basic character and tendency by analyzing a person’s body. You will be able to examine someone’s face and body and get an idea of who they really are, and how they’re likely to act and think. It’s a very useful tool for dealing effectively with anyone—employees, bosses, husbands, wives, partners, in-laws, children, authorities, TSA—anyone.

What You Can Do with Saphire® 
Abundance uses Saphire to reveal personal obstacles to abundance and transform them.   Read more
DreamBirth® uses Saphire® to produce amazing successes in conception, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, bonding and parenting. Read more
 uses Saphire® to reduce pain, speed healing, shorten operation times and contribute to remissions. Read more
Fairy Tales uses Saphire® for difficult family configurations—dissolving the knots and reaching a higher level of consciousness.  Read more
Geneaology uses Saphire® to reveal generational beliefs and transform them.  Read more
Hidden Patterns: For Therapists uses Saphire® to learn the rules of Imagination and how to apply them for diagnosis and healing.  Read more
High Man: For Business uses Saphire® to quickly and easily develop solutions and create success in business.  Read more
Intuition & Prophecy 
uses Saphire® to explore the sacred science of in-tuition and prophecy—how to trust our intuition and our visions.  Read more
Intuition & the Inner Child uses Saphire®  to reveal the “child of light” or intuition within us, showing us a different truth from the one we are taught.   Read more
Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming
 is the basic workshop for Saphire®.  Read more
Morphology  Read More
Relationship uses Saphire® to improve your bonds to people, places, ideas, institutions and things.  Read more
Tarot  Read More
Time uses Saphire® to look at ideas about Time—what’s true and what’s false—and discover its real nature.  Read more