WOW—first-ever workshops in China and Taiwan will be happening in September 2015. Catherine will be teaching new Chinese and Taiwanese students the Inner Child work. We so look forward to having Chinese and Taiwanese Dreamers join our community! Our thanks to Galatea for sticking with us through the last year, all the organizing work, and Vlad for all his help setting it up.

Japan will have the Geneaology workshop September 19-21, and this year Makiko has arranged for it to be held in a beautiful temple in Kyoto. Geneaology work uses quick revelatory tools to change your ancestral tree—literally changing the past! It’s a fascinating study.
Also this year in Japan will be the first one-day workshop on Morphology—another fascinating study. Besides being a very powerful tool to “know thyself”, Morphology can reveal true nature in all your relationships. And couldn’t we all use that in our families, with our employees and bosses, for dating, for knowing the best way to handle our kids? 
Australia’s workshop (thank you Helena!) will be October 2-4, followed by Catherine’s return to the States for the Seattle workshop Oct 9-11. This year’s workshop in Seattle was very exciting, with a lot of movement and growth all around, and we expect it will just get better this year. A big thank you to Darrell and Joyce for their steadfast love and support of Catherine and the work!
Everyone in Australia is looking forward to seeing Catherine again—especially the part where they don’t have to get up at 4a in the morning for a class or appointment—thanks for sticking with it Ozzies, we know the time difference is tough for you!

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