年視覺心像線上課程中文班 Advanced Chinese Imagery 2019-20


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CLASS: CHINESE IMAGERY (English with Chinese translation)
TERM: Oct 23, 2018 thru May 14, 2019—registration by the year only
Please note: There are no classes on School breaks, please see current year dates here
LOCATION: ONLINE (please see this link for technical requirements)
LEVEL: ADVANCED—prerequisite is one year online Chinese Imagery classes
AGES: 24 and up

Are fairy tales what their name suggests—fantasies? Or is there secret wisdom in them? Fairy tales continue to enchant and lure us back, even as adults, into the dreamland of our childhoods. Yet fairy tales were never intended to be just children’s stories—they were part of the great oral tradition of story-telling found around the world. They were the collective dreaming of countless unnamed individuals who lived these family-driven scenarios. What information do they have for you?

The robe of many colors was handed down to the firstborn of each generation until Joseph, in the Bible Story, was given it and lost it. We too have lost our robe of many colors, our true inheritance. But in the Bible Story Joseph regained his true inheritance, and you can too. To experience the stories through imagery is to travel the way of the Tzaddik (The Sage), so that Bible stories serve as blueprints for transformation.

In each class, exercises written by Catherine are presented, and each student is asked what (s)he saw after the exercise is done. Guidance is given individually to each student, depending on the necessity revealed in that student’s imagery. The exercises are powerful, revelatory, effective and easy to do. One of the advantages of this method is that very little mind-resistance is encountered, so the process is simple and quick.


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