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DAY & TIME: TUESDAY / 5:15p-7:00p US EDT/EST


LOCATION: 73 Fifth Avenue #8B, NYC

LEVEL: Beginner through Advanced

TEACHER: Catherine Shainberg


THEME: Greek Myths through Guided Imagery and Face/Body Reading (continued)

Morphology is the study of human shape—body types, facial structures, the hand—as determined by genetics and life events. In this class:

  • • You will learn the grids and numbers of the ancient Hebrew, Greek and modern French schools
  • • You will learn how to analyze photos to determine morphology, developing your intuitive skills and deepening your knowledge.

Studying morphology will teach you:

  • • How to recognize, identify and trust your body language and your instinctive responses to people.
  • • How to recognize and identify body language and instinctive responses in other people.
  • • How to see people clearly and compassionately.
  • • How to identify similarities and differences and see how they are useful.
  • • Discernment that is practical and kind.
  • • How to replace compulsive oppositional patterns in your relationships (including your relationship to yourself) with the discovery of infinite possibility.

Morphology can show you:

  • • Who to hire for personal or business services.
  • • Who to work with, and how best to work with them.

Morphology will also help you:

  • • Get along better with your in-laws, your spouse, your boss, your children, your relatives or your assistant.
  • • Not to take things personally—to have more compassion and understanding for others.

Since morphology guides you to see and embrace the true nature of each individual, it is possible to achieve enlightened consciousness through this practice alone.

* Drop-in participation is allowed

• Single classes are $55.
• Full-year registration discount: $45/class.
Payment may be made $607.50 on registration and $607.50 Jan 15, 2016 if there is financial need.


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