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DAY & TIME: MONDAY / 6:00p-7:45p US EDT/EST


LOCATION: 73 Fifth Avenue #8B, NYC

LEVEL: OPEN: Beginner through Advanced

TEACHER: Catherine Shainberg

CALL-IN: YES* (see technical requirements below)
Places are limited—please email if you are interested in this option.
Students who participate by call-in must register for the full year.

THEME: Biblical Secrets Reveal the Path to Wholeness and Health

Why do we feel lack in our lives? Why don’t we feel whole, complete, and satisfied? Why are we not healthy and whole in mind and body, why do we lack riches—material and spiritual? If we had them and lost them, what happened?

The Bible dramatically opens up with ten sounds so powerful they break through non-existence to create space-time and all that occupies it: Light, the firmament, sea and dry land, sun, moon and stars. Illuminating God’s Image in our bodies, these ten sounds—Ten Sephirot—sustain healthy bodies and a healthy world, if we act. These ten gates of transformation give us the opportunity to re-inhabit God’s Image, in which we are made. Jacob, our third patriarch, demanded that God give us illness so we would feel the urge to re-form—to turn away from old belief systems, habits, emotional patterns and physical unbalances that have enslaved us.

We must reverse back to the source of wholeness. In this course, you’ll learn secrets hidden in the Bible stories that reveal the difference between disease and illness, and how to remedy both. Symptoms of disease may pass, but if illness remains, they will recur. Complete healing requires spiritual healing—a soul journey, returning to the Godlike Image that is your true Self.

Imagery is the foundational class for the Saphire® work. Classes are experiential and interactive, with a presentation of the week’s material followed by the week’s imaginal exercises. Catherine works with students individually during the class, and all students participate in every exercise.

• Drop-in participation is allowed
• Single classes are $55.
• Students who participate by call-in must register for the full year.
• Full-year registration is discounted to: $45/class.
• Payment may be made 50% on registration and 50% Jan 1 if there is financial need.

* Technical Requirements for Teleconference Participation:

A landline or strong wired connection, with a high quality headset, will give you the best audio quality. Using a calling card will not affect audio quality.

Using a VOIP number (like Google or Skype) or mobile or cordless phone—if you have a weak or fluctuating wireless connection—may produce echoing, static and dropouts, low volume, etc.


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