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NYC Classes

These classes are perfect for those in the NYC area. Here we begin the “Journey to You”, where we help you make incredible breakthroughs in your life, right here in our beautiful school on 5th Avenue.

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Online Classes

For those of you who cannot make it in person to our NYC classes, our online classes are perfect for you.
You can still experience the incredible transformations in your life and your “Journey to You”, from the comfort of your home or any place you will not be disturbed.

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Downloadable Classes

Many people have busy lives, trying to juggle family and work life, and don’t always have the ability to stick to a schedule. That’s why we created these downloadable courses. Here you move at your pace, but we’re still here to support you on your journey.

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Private Classes

If you would prefer to work in private with Catherine and experience your journey in a one-to-one environment rather than a group structure, then this is perfect for you. Everything we offer in our group classes—and more—is available to our private clients.

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Meet Dr. Catherine Shainberg

Dr. Shainberg is a world-renowned teacher, healer, psychologist, author, dream and imagery expert. She is the lineage holder for the Saphire® practice as transmitted to her by Colette Aboulker-Muscat. As a spiritual counselor, she is known for her insight and clear guidance to thousands of people around the world who have had immediate results, with successes in all areas of their lives.

Based in New York City, she teaches her unique transformative methods to students in the US and internationally. Her focus is helping people achieve their life dreams using visualization and dream techniques. She works with people who have all types of life challenges—starting a new career, finding a new job, conceiving a child, releasing past traumas and so much more. Her focus is on helping you go within, using imagery and dreams to unlock the power of your Subconscious mind.  READ MORE




After being unsuccessful for so long & wanting to give up, I finally got a job after I did Saphire® Imagery with Catherine.  — JM
Problems and emotional issues are cleared quickly before they manifest physically in illness.  I am beginning to achieve my financial goals.  — Cindy Holland-Rodriguez
Greater sense of satisfaction as well as a calmness as things change round me…This insight has been  a tremendous gift.  — SZ


In what area of your life are looking to make a breakthrough? Are you looking to conceive a child, change your job or career, your health, find that loving relationship, find your life purpose, release past traumas, change habits that don’t serve you well or anything else?

Learn how one of Dr Shainberg’s techniques can transform your life and your life results.

Saphire® Imagery is the unique and powerful way of communicating with your Subconscious mind.
Your Subconscious communicates to you in images, and you can speak directly to it using images.
Saphire® is the gateway to creating the life you dream of.
Everything you need in order to unlock your dreams is on this website:

Saphire® Imagery
Your Subconscious is the key to unlock your life vision. Saphire® Imagery helps you locate the Subconscious source of all your problems and shows you how to solve those problems using the information you discover there. Imagery is a universal language that acts directly on the Subconscious. Using Imagery, you can communicate clearly with your Subconscious and create the results you desire.

Dream Opening®
Is the technique for finding out what your night dreams have to tell you. Dreams are communications from the mind and can reveal important information to us. With Dream Opening®, you will learn how to decode your dreams to get valuable information about your past, find solutions for current problems and discover key information to make confident decisions for the future.

Is a wonderful technique to help you really understand other people’s characteristics and tendencies by simply analyzing their bodies. You will be able to examine someone’s face and body and get an idea of who they really are, and how they’re likely to act and think. This is a powerful technique to really communicate more effectively and understand others on a deeper level.

What You Can Do with Saphire® 
Abundance uses Saphire to reveal personal obstacles to abundance and transform them.   Read more
DreamBirth® uses Saphire® to produce amazing successes in conception, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, bonding and parenting. Read more
 uses Saphire® to reduce pain, speed healing, shorten operation times and contribute to remissions. Read more
Fairy Tales uses Saphire® for difficult family configurations—dissolving the knots and reaching a higher level of consciousness.  Read more
Geneaology uses Saphire® to reveal generational beliefs and transform them.  Read more
Hidden Patterns: For Therapists uses Saphire® to learn the rules of Imagination and how to apply them for diagnosis and healing.  Read more
High Man: For Business uses Saphire® to quickly and easily develop solutions and create success in business.  Read more
Intuition & Prophecy 
uses Saphire® to explore the sacred science of in-tuition and prophecy—how to trust our intuition and our visions.  Read more
Intuition & the Inner Child uses Saphire®  to reveal the “child of light” or intuition within us, showing us a different truth from the one we are taught.   Read more
Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming
 is the basic workshop for Saphire®.  Read more
Morphology  Read More
Relationship uses Saphire® to improve your bonds to people, places, ideas, institutions and things.  Read more
Tarot  Read More
Time uses Saphire® to look at ideas about Time—what’s true and what’s false—and discover its real nature.  Read more