Will help to clear out toxins and keep your body oxygenated. It is an energizing exercise best done in the mornings.This exercise shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes. Find a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed and where you can relax. Sit in an armchair with your arms and legs uncrossed. Close your eyes.

Breathe out all that disturbs you, all that tires you, all that obscures you. Breathe it out as a light smoke (carbon dioxide) that is easily absorbed by the plant life around you.

When your breath comes in on the inhalation, see it as blue as the radiant blue light from the sky, and filled with sunlight. See the blue golden light filling your nostrils, your mouth, your throat, and flowing down your back as a great river of light.

See it filling your feet, your toes and stretching out of your toes as long antennas of light. See the light circulating up your legs to fill your pelvis, see it rising up into your chest, flowing in and out of your heart until your heart becomes a glowing blue lamp. See the light flow down your arms like smaller rivers of light, fill your hands and fingers, stretch out of your fingers as long antennas of light.

As you continue to breathe in the blue light, see the light continue to fill you. See it begin to radiate out of the articulations of your joints: out of your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. See the light fill you until it radiates out of your skin in all directions. See yourself as a crystal vase filled with light and radiating light in all directions.

Open your eyes, seeing yourself as the crystal vase radiating blue light in all directions. Now stop.



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  1. Francesca Sidoti

    The imagery is more than simply beautiful! It is healing and immediate. Thank you for this helpful and useful post.

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