French Dreamers had their first workshop in Biarritz this spring and will continue studying with an online class—Bienvenue! And a big thank you to first-time organizers Sylvie, Agnès and Audrey.
Our second workshop in Bulgaria was another a big success. Thank you Plamen and all the Bulgarian dreamers!
Slovenia’s workshops were strong as ever, thanks to the wonderful work of Klemen, Mala and all the dedicated Slovenian Dreamers…Irene Viglia again organized fantastic workshops, in London and Italy, with the amazing Adriana Vierin’s help—thank you  so much for the TV coverage and the wonderful Italian video.

And thank you to all the Italian and London dreamers for continuing to study and spread the work.
Claudia Zackariya-Dau organized her usual splendid workshop—this year named “Benelux” for the first time, drawing Dreamers from all three countries—we are so glad to see the Dreaming message getting out there, thank you everyone in Brussels for carrying the message!
If you’re new to the work, taking a workshop will qualify you to take the advanced online classes, so you can Dream all year long! And if you studied before but haven’t had a class in a while, treat yourself and join us : )

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