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Bonnie Buckner, PhD, trained with Catherine for nine years. She also studied with Kabbalist Rabbi Gershon Winkler for six years. She came to this work from a background in the political and creative fields in the US and now teaches a Kabbalistic approachworking with dreams and imageryto help creative and business professionals to reconnect with their True Self; overcome personal, professional, and creative blocks; identify career and life directions; and live creative, purpose-filled lives.

Bonnie is dedicated to making ancient teachings known and relevant today, using them to help people return to natural, imaginative, and vibrant living. Her clients come from around the world and include musicians, artists, dancers, writers, CEOs, scientists, political strategists, and more. Bonnie is the author of Dream Your Self into Being (French title: Le Rêve, Ce Chemin Vers Soi).

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