CSitaraDau_lgBrussels, Belgium (English & French)

Claudia started working with Catherine in 2005, after being moved by the power of Saphire® to not only access the root of an issue but to change the outcome, by seeing it clearly. Claudia’s expertise lies in helping individuals to find their own tools to transform a challenging situation into an opportunity, whilst staying true to the integrity of Saphire®.

Claudia is of English/Sri Lankan descent and comes from a business/entrepreneurial background. She is a former spa owner and a certified yoga teacher & trainer of facelift yoga with more than fifteen years experience. Claudia is trained in Shiatsu and Herbalism (predominately Western with some Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda). She holds a BA (Hons) in Business administration and a Postgraduate Degree (Hons) in EU institutional relations and public affairs. She teaches classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions using the techniques intrinsic to Saphire®.

Email: claudiachantalzackariya@gmail.com
Phone: +32.484.175.760
Websites: www.claudiasitaradau.com, www.faceliftyoga.eu