Brooklyn, New York, USA

Elizabeth works in private practice as a massage therapist and has trained with Catherine since 1998. She participated in the development of DreamBirth® imagery. Her current focus is working with unhappy newborns and their caretakers as well as pregnant women. She finds that Catherine’s Saphire™ method offers extraordinary tools for caregivers to rapidly uncover their natural abilities and strength, and thus discount the negativity in the culture surrounding childbirth and bonding. Saphire™ offers unparalleled techniques to appreciate positive ancestral influences and eliminate negative ancestral influences.

Elizabeth has a PhD in biochemistry and is a licensed New York State massage therapist. In her pursuit to discover principles of healing from pain and trauma, she has studied Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® and Craniosacral Therapy as well as other allied techniques. She incorporates Saphire™ in most of her sessions since it hastens the transformation of discomfort and pain and often reveals a new way of approaching life.

For information on classes, workshops and individual sessions contact Elizabeth:
Phone: 718-707-1009