Jackie Schiff, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, studied with Catherine for 5 years, and integrates Torah, the Saphire® Practice, DreamBirth® and psychology for powerful mindful and practical living to improve overall wellbeing. She applies the depths of Jewish teachings to actively improve emotional and physical health, parenting, healing and transformation.

Jackie works with children and adults to manage anxiety and stress, balance responsibilities, find connection and joy. By learning to look inside, clients go beyond the ordinary to discover their reservoir of inner strength, creativity and confidence.  Those with physical ailments such as cancer, stomach and back pain find relief and healing.  Using the DreamBirth® method, women learn to release fears during pregnancy/labor and early bonding. For 25 years, Dr Schiff has been offering lectures/workshops to corporations, hospitals, synagogues and conferences in the US, Israel and Europe.

For information on classes, workshops and individual sessions:
Email: drjackie18@gmail.com
Phone: +972 55 680 5727
Website: www.drjackieschiff.com