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James Hallett, MFA, began his apprenticeship with Catherine Shainberg in 2004. James came to The School of Images® with an established background in professional acting along with a profound yearning for mastery of the imaginal techniques of healing and transformation in order to help actors and creative artists untangle the knots of the past, quiet the disabling voices of self-critique, and wake-up the powerful connection to intuition.

James earned his MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama under the tutelage of Earle Gister. In his practice, James blends acting and dreamwork in a unique way working with creative clients both as a professional acting coach and a creativity coach helping people to return to their core, reclaim their inner power, and rekindle the fires of career, romance and self-expression. James leads workshops across the U.S. and internationally in acting, transformational imagery, and dreamwork techniques.

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