Ljubljana, Slovenia / Brussels, Belgium

Mala works as a choreographer and writer and has trained with Catherine since early 2010. She uses Saphire™ in her author-based choreographic work to facilitate individual and communal dreaming in creative processes, to create unique singular worlds weaved from and generated through the language of our dreaming. She uses Saphire™ in coaching and mentoring artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals to facilitate personal transformation and to enhance focus and subversive creativity. She customizes Saphire™ practice to meet the particular needs of individuals or groups in specific situations and contexts.

Mala studied philosophy and comparative literature, holds an MA in theater, and is currently completing her PhD in philosophy. She founded EMANAT Institute and SOI Slovenia. DREAMLAB, a mobile platform she created in 2010, serves as a platform for joint research and development of Saphire™ imagery and dream work—into tools and strategies for research, creation and performance in the context of performing arts.

For information on workshops and private sessions contact Mala:
Email: malakline@gmail.com
Phone: + 32487412562
Website: www.malakline.com