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Marcela Haendler is a Licensed Professional Counselor, working in private practice in Trumbull CT, with individuals, couples and families. She has been training with Catherine Shainberg since 2009 and incorporates the Saphire practice in her work as another tool to healing through connection with inner-self. This experiential modality gives possibility to the clearing and resolution of historical patterns of maladaptive cognitions and related behaviors that cause present mood disturbances, and allows for a return to well-being and a strong sense of self.

Marcela Haendler is also a certified EFT practitioner, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has EMDR training in addition to other humanistic and behavioral modalities. Marcela, founder of MHCounseling and trilingual clinician (Spanish, English, Hebrew), has an integrative approach to counseling and chooses specific interventions that meet the unique needs of the individual to help achieve their full potential.

For information on workshops and private sessions contact Marcela:
Phone: 203 505 8455