New Paltz, NY USA

Nurit Nardi, MA LMT RCST, has been using Saphire® with all her clients, especially as a way to get people ‘out of their heads’ into their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. She finds it to be a potent and truthful tool to attain clarity, fulfillment, and health. She helps clients transform the way they live, love, and lead. In her private practice Nurit guides, teaches, coaches, and listens to the sensations and themes underlying anxiety and stress.

Nurit has been an integrative therapist, a healer and teacher for the last 30 years. Her work is based on the profound connection between mind, body and spirit. She incorporates Saphire® into her practice: she is a licensed massage therapist, a registered biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and is an advanced Focusing practitioner. She met Catherine in 1997 and has been her student since.

For information about classes and sessions contact Nurit:
Phone: 718-440-5991, 845-255-1948