Shara Morales is an energy and consciousness therapist and teacher. Her approach to each client is unique, based on presence and love. She facilitates deep personal transformations by providing a safe and highly attuned container where the client can express, release and engage with the processes at work in their life.

Shara is a Brennan Healing Science Facilitator (2009), a Body Psychotherapist (2012), an Expressive Art Therapist (2012), a Kinesiologist (2017), and a Saphire Imagery® & DreamBirth® Practitioner (2018).

She specializes in Cycle Medicine, which is a feminine intelligence or organizing principle leading the person Home, back to herself. It is about how to support the unfolding of a person’s journey to find her own “wild power” and help her restore the vulnerable places in her inner ecology (the flow through the creative seasons of the cycle). Shara follows a psycho-spiritual approach.

Originally from Mexico, Shara has lived in different parts of Europe for the past 15 years; she is fluent in English and Spanish. 

For information on classes and private sessions contact Shara:
Whatsapp: +34 664 312 941