The name Saphire® came to me in a dream—my teacher Colette is holding my cupped hands in her own two. Suddenly blue light begins to radiate and grow between my hands. It becomes a huge sapphire shining light in all directions. The root of the word “Saphire” is SPH, a Hebrew word meaning emanation (the big bang). It also means numbers (time) and story (manifestation). From the flash of insight into time and manifestation! Your dream image acquires a time frame and a goal, and propels itself into reality.

Saphire® is the practice of inner vision. It teaches you how to short-circuit your inner chatter and hone in on the image that speaks louder than a thousand words. Saphire® uses common tools – visualization, imagery, dreams, dreaming – in a revolutionary new way. The uniqueness of Saphire® is the jolt that, like a magic word, opens the doors to your subconscious and plunges you straight into your dreaming mind. Quick, revelatory, surprising, it is an event to be experienced. You will gain immediate access to your creativity, truth and inner guidance.

The Saphire® practice teaches you the tools to become creative and true to yourself. You will be shown by your inner images how to be your own best advocate, manager and creator of the life you wish to live. Saphire® tools can be used to enhance any and all activities you engage in: your personal life and hobbies, your dealings with others, your business, your art, your inner strivings toward a higher self, will all be empowered when you learn to use your imaginal mind.

Saphire® is the quick road to hear the silent, see the invisible, feel the immaterial, and bring them all into the manifest light of day.

Saphire® can be used to:

change your emotional patterns
clear mental blocks and negative ideations
overcome addictions
improve relationships
increase creativity, productivity, and income
improve business management
heal trauma
prepare for and recover after surgery
conceive after infertility
for easy childbirth
and much more.

Saphire® is the fastest way to health, success, abundance and joy. And it is one of the great paths to enlightenment. The more you pay attention to dreaming the more free you become. Saphire™ helps you identify and manifest your heart’s desires and become the self you dream of.


Like the unified field in physics, DreamField™ is the collective consciousness, including the subconscious and superconscious, which contains all imagery. It contains our imagery, our parents’ imagery, the imagery of the whole world. In the DreamField™ we also find our access to knowledge that comes from the highest source, which we call intuition, and the movement that results from that intuition—the actions we take in the world.


DreamStory™ is a navigation tool, a map. It is an instruction for perserverance through obstacles and hardship to triumph. Bible stories and fairy tales are examples – through allegory and symbolism, the DreamStory™ reveals its teaching and we experience its guidance through multi-levelled exploration. The DreamStory™ is a holographic, multi-dimensional “how-to” for life.


DreamHub™ is the gathering place for Dreamers – students, practitioners and teachers of the Saphire® Practice. It provides a community online space for the exchange of information and support, as well as access to the archives of the School of Images®.
DreamHub™ includes the Imagery exercise archive, the class & workshop archive, and the audio archive and video archives. It is an expandable, mutable concept that is intended to follow the growth of the Dreaming community worldwide.