Visualizations are short exercises that are scripted to obtain a specific effect on the physical body. Guided imagery Exercises are short inductions given by the imagery guide to the dreamer. These inductions lead the dreamer into waking images that are often as intense and clear visually as the most powerful night dreams. As the waking images unfold, they are both diagnostic and transformational. They help you to delineate and construct your own inner landscape and access your own richness, power and beauty. They guide you to bring forth the lessons you have learned within and to manifest them in your everyday life.





Waking dream is a state of visual thinking entered into by means of a quick and simple relaxation, enabling exploration of the images that lie hidden behind rational thought, and free movement in the world of dreaming. Waking Dream is an open-ended exploration of your Dreamfield™ and allows you to discover what your aspirations and true purpose are.





Dream Opening® is a simple four level reading that teaches you the language of dreams and of your subconscious. After learning the Dream Opening® method and distinguishing four levels of opening: the story, the pattern, the question and the secret, you gain access to the meaning of your dreams and images. Dreams are messages from the subconscious. Not opening them is akin to not reading a letter that was sent to you. It might contain information that could change your life.





Morphology is the study of human shapes. Shapes have a function: a bowl receives and contains. Lines are cutting, they give structure. A human being who is very round is more receptive; square, more linear and structured. Learning to live with others and their shapes is teaching us respect for differences. For practitioners this knowledge is essential, as it gives you an immediate understanding of how your clients function.





The life plan helps you to identify your reactions, and follow the pathway of your secondary instincts. How to turn reactions into response and bypass all the behavioral problems you’re caught in is your most important life work. From anger to love, from fear to joy, from disgust to compassion, you learn the instantaneous shift to transformation.





Tree of Life Healing is based on the generic “Image of God” or blue print of life, which we find also reflected in our bodies, emotions and mind. It teaches the ways and paths to healing the soul, mind, emotions and body. It provides practitioners with a description and practical information about the pathways that lead to an enlightened life or Tzadikut which means “holiness.”





You are moving from birth to death. Is there a way to reverse this trend? Can you change the past? Release your daily burdens? The Reversing is an ancient process that teaches you how to lighten your burdens, repair your errors and face a new perspective.





Do we pray with words or can we pray with our whole being? Praying in images is very powerful. Learning to do that for yourself and for others is life enhancing and enriching. You experience the power of dream communication by witnessing how fast transformation occurs.





Chanting is the process by which you etch an intention into your body and mind. The sounds and words used remind you to return to your intended goal when you are tempted to react. It is sufficient for you to recall the chant or visualize the images elicited in you by the chant to return you to your original intention.