SAPHIRE ® Imagery
Saphire Imagery is the practice of inner vision: how to short-circuit mind chatter by finding the information your images offer you. Saphire® uses common tools – visualization, imagery, dreams, dreaming – in a revolutionary new way. Saphire® opens the doors to your subconscious and gives you direct access to your dreaming mind. Through quick, simple and easy imaginal exercises, you get deep and immediate access to your creativity, truth and inner guidance.

Saphire® shows you your own inner images, and those images show you how to be your own best advocate, manager and creator of your dream life. You can use Saphire® to improve health, finances, relationships; to gain a peaceful, quiet mind; to find your true calling and true self, and much, much more.

Use Saphire® to:

  • Overcome addictions
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase income, creativity and productivity
  • Be a better business owner or manager
  • Heal trauma
  • Prepare for and recover after surgery
  • Conceive after infertility
  • Ease childbirth
  • Change stuck emotional patterns and clear negativity
  • …and much more.

    Saphire® is the fastest way to health, success, abundance and joy. And it is one of the great paths to enlightenment. Saphire® helps you identify and manifest your heart’s desires and become the self you dream of.