Come to your session with a question.You might have a personal situation that you want to change, a relationship you’d like to improve, or a goal you want to achieve. You might simply want to experience individual work. You will be shown how to use your own imagery to transform your experience.

If you have a recent significant dream, you may want to write it down and bring it to your session.
Dream Opening® is another way of looking at your imagery.

Please note that all times are US EST/EDT.
Please note that a minimum of 2 business days’ notice (48 hours, excluding Saturday and Sunday & holidays) is required for non-emergency cancellations, otherwise payment is due in full.

APPOINTMENTS are IN PERSON or BY PHONE: 1 212 627 2345
IMPORTANT: If your first appointment with Catherine is by phone, and not in person, please email a passport-style (head and shoulders, face front) picture to at least one day before your appointment.


October to May, with Winter and Spring breaks
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Appointments are one hour, $250.
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