Did you know that morality is what your culture dictates but ethics are unique to you?
And like an undiscovered personal landscape, it’s a territory you can explore and develop.
Ethics can move you through life like a dance.

This new workshop is designed to show you what your ethics are and what they can be.
It’s not rules, it’s not law—ethics are embodied—sensual and passionate personal commitments to yourself and to your inner truths, like New Year’s resolutions that you can keep.

Are you attached to tradition, to what culture tells you is right? Or are you instead someone who desires the qi tov, the good, which is not necessarily what is right?
While the middle road is what you would learn to take in a Buddhist tradition, it is not necessarily the Western way. Can you use your dance with others as the impetus to transcend the status quo and find your true self? What does personal integrity mean to you? It might not be what others think it is.

While examining traditional understandings and ancient customs governing our relationships with family, society and culture—such as the Golden Rule and the ten Biblical sayings—we will look for keys to create a joyful and creative dance with others that allows us to let go of violence and opposition and to move flexibly and truthfully with those around us.
You will find out—not through analysis or discourse, but through your own experience in simple imagery exercises
• What you really want for yourself
• What you really believe about yourself, and
• What you really think about yourself in the complicated world we live in.
• You will discover which of those wants, beliefs and thoughts are true and which are false, and that experience will give you the information you need to move forward.
• In three days full of deep plunges into yourself, you will discover the unique personal code that you can always count on to guide and to support you.