If you desire to learn SAPHIRE® practice you may begin with program for Personal Development, meant for all who wish to cultivate their inner life and nourish their individual development. You may concentrate on one course or pursue a combination of studies by attending onsite or online courses, participating in workshops and intensives, or by taking private sessions with a certified SAPHIRE® practitioner.

Primary programs of study at the School of Images® are:

  1. Personal Development for all who desire to cultivate inner life and nourishes individual development.
  2. Practitioner Training for those who wish to become certified practitioners or teachers of SAPHIRE™ Practice.
  3. Specialty programs such as DREAMBIRTH®, a specialty training in women’s care providing imagery techniques to facilitate fertility, pregnancy, labor and to effectively handle postpartum and maternity issues.

Each of the study programs consists of a number of possible courses a student can take. All courses given by the School of Images® may be taken individually, or as part of a primary or specialty program of study. Depending on their situation a student may study more or less intensely. The School of Images® provides different options of engagement and/or study. Each student may choose their individual combination of courses and private appointments in accord with what their needs and desires are.

Complete course requirements.


Students may complete program requirements by:

  1. taking weekly classes in New York onsite at the School of Images™ in New York City
  2. taking weekly classes online through online platforms
  3. attending workshops and Intensives given by SOI faculty on or off-site
  4. having individual private sessions

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Program for Personal Development consists of the following courses students may pursue:

  1. Core Classes:
  • Imagery
  • Dream Opening
  • Morphology
  1. Workshops & Intensives
  2. Private Appointments
  3. Consulting (for individuals and/or organizations)


Students may study Imagery, Dream Opening and Morphology. They will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each School year. They are not authorized to teach or formally practice the SAPHIRE® work with others. Students have the option to move into the Practitioner Training program at any time. Classes they have already taken will be credited towards their Practitioner’s Certificate.