Due to the covid event, we are holding no in-person classes for the School year 2021-22 until notice otherwise.
All classes will be on Zoom.

All programs that teach the Saphire® practice are based on core classes that consist either of Imagery, Dream Opening® and/or Morphology. You may pursue your individual choice and combination of classes taught onsite or online through the year.



Imagery is the foundation of all work at the School of Images®.

  • Imagery Exercises are short inductions given by the practitioner to the dreamer.
  • These inductions lead the dreamer into waking images that are often as intense and clear visually as the most powerful night dreams.
  • As the waking images unfold, they are both diagnostic and transformational. They help you to delineate and construct your own inner landscape and access your own richness, power and beauty. They guide you to bring forth the lessons you have learned within and to manifest them in your everyday life.

*Open to beginners and advanced students. Required for Practitioner trainees.

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Morphology is the study of human shape—body types, facial structures, the hand—as determined by genetics and life events. In this class, you will learn the grids and numbers of the ancient Hebrew, Greek and modern French schools. Using photos to examine the different morphological types, you will develop your intuitive skills and deepen your knowledge.

Studying morphology will teach you how to see people clearly and compassionately, to see why differences are useful, how to replace compulsive oppositional patterns in your relationships (including your relationship to yourself) with the discovery of infinite possibility, and much, much more.

*Open to beginners and advanced students. Required for Practitioner trainees.

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Supervision group is for practitioners to review their cases with Catherine and get guidance.

  • Each case is considered according to the client’s morphology and history.
  • Healing is devoted to guided exercises in specific areas of illness and recovery. The clearing of false belief patterns and other obstacles to healing is examined.

*Open to advanced students and practitioners, psychotherapists, and body workers. Required for Practitioner trainees. By invitation only.

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*There is no hierarchy at the School. Saphire® Imagery and Morphology integrate advanced and beginner levels. No prior experience is necessary for these classes. Students who develop sufficient proficiency and clarity, and wish to focus on clinical work with individuals or groups—and/or prayer for individuals, groups and global issues—may enter the advanced classes of Dream Opening®, Supervision, and/or Prayer, on invitation only.


The prayer consists of two parts.

  • The first part is a series of guided exercises, consecrated to learning and practicing healing exercises and prayer for others or for a group situation.
  • The second part is a prayer circle intended to enable the practitioner to reach for and cleave to the Divine.

Requests for prayer may be emailed to info@schoolofimages.com

*Open only to advanced students, by invitation only. Required for Practitioner trainees.

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Single classes may be taken on a drop-in basis at the School in New York; full-year registration is not required. Single classes are $55/class; if you register for the full year the tuition is discounted to $45/class.
For the full-year registration tuition discount, payment in full is required on registration. If there is financial need, two payments may be made in October and January. Please note that there is no refund for missed classes.

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PLEASE NOTE: Registration is for the full year only.
Tuition for year: $1215. If there is financial need, two payments of $607.50 may be made in October and January.

If you must miss a class you can listen to the recording online, but there is no refund for missed classes.


If you sign up for four classes, the fifth class is FREE.

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