You will learn exercises to connect with the baby and create a sense of safety and support, as well as exercises for first and second trimesters issues: nausea, fatigue, emotional swings, fears, body image and premature contractions, preparing for procedures, and exercises to deal with fears of mothering.

Relationships, ancestral issues, stuck patterns
Exercises to optimize your:
Relationships: Partner, mother, your other children, friends, work colleagues, doctors, midwives and others. Learning how to talk ‘through the ethers’. Dealing with ancestral issues, stuck patterns, incorrect thinking and “growing up” the inner child.
Emotions: Clearing guilt, anger, fear, lack of self-worth; previous miscarriages and abortions. Creating optimism and well-being.

Flexibility of body and mind
Developing the flexibility of body and mind required for mothering, working on a cellular level, through DreamBirth®.

Exercises to optimize or correct:
Alignment, expanding and lengthening; turning a breech or misaligned baby. Introducing exercises for the husband or partner.

Preparing for birth
For both doula and birthing parents.

Exercises to optimize or correct:
Contractions, hospital procedures, placenta not releasing, caesarean, or any other intervention; importance of getting body’s (and baby’s) permission; making decisions; connecting with baby after birth, clearing body of medications, healing any tears or incisions, milk supply; communicating to medical staff.

Post-partum issues, family integration
Exercises to optimize or correct:
Repairing body postpartum; helping siblings and husband integrate with the new baby; helping family, especially the husband, feel included, in their right places; post-partum depression.

Problems of pregnancy and labor
Exercises to optimize or correct:
Pre-eclampsia, torn muscles and tendons, endometriosis and pelvic pain, gestational diabetes; clearing infection, lowering blood pressure, restoring fetal heart rate. Other exercises as needed for the class.

Almost 100% of the women who used DreamBirth® to conceive have been successful, even if other methods had failed them.

Exercises to optimize or correct:
Anxiety, anger and frustration, guilt and resentment, pain and grief; feelings of stuckness and depression; creating optimism and a sense of well-being.

Clearing Belief Systems, Repairing Relationships, Miscarriages and Abortions
Exercises to optimize or correct:
Belief systems that get in the way, past resentments, fear of the future; old relationships, miscarriages and abortions; optimizing current relationships.

Conscious conception, IVF and Donor Eggs
Exercises to optimize or correct:
Conscious conception, including IVF;  flow of hormones for the embryo; promoting loving attention, discovering the timing for the soul coming in.

Mothers are consumed by feelings of great responsibility, and get much advice, solicited and unsolicited. Even if mothers are close to their parents, even if they feel that their parents may have done things the right way, they still may not want to do exactly what their parents did.

Exercises to optimize or correct:
Going inside to get advice from the wise Self, the truly knowing self; quieting and calming; self-care, support and growing up the inner child; seeing and feeling from the baby’s eyes and skin; dealing with baby’s emotions, sibling rivalry, family integration; talking to anyone you wish ‘through the ethers’— mind to mind, heart to heart.

INTEGRATION for Birth Professionals
Review of all the major concepts presented in Conception, Pregnancy and Mothering, how to present & use Imagery, focusing on how to repair and respond to the necessity of the image. Focus is on particular Students’ or Teacher’s cases, and discussion of possible approaches, with classes customized to the needs of the current Students.