視覺心像廣東話班 Cantonese Beginner Imagery 2021-22


視覺心像線上課程 – 中文(廣東話)班 Cantonese Beginner Imagery

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CLASS: 視覺心像廣東話班 Cantonese Beginner Imagery (In Cantonese)
DAY & TIME: MONDAY 9:15—10:45p (HKT)
TERM: January 24—May 16, 2022
Please note: There are no classes on School breaks, please see current year dates here
LOCATION: ONLINE (please see this link for technical requirements)
AGES: 24 and up
THEME: 正確善用意志 The Right Use of Will




The Right Use of Will
Our aim in this series of classes is to explore the right use of will.

What is will? Is it imposing one’s own will? Having power over others?
Or is it a will that takes into account other people’s needs and desires?
How can our will cohabit with other people’s wills to create a more harmonious balance of power?

In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life diagram shows us that will—often called Justice or Severity—must be tempered by loving compassion. This requires plunging into the heart, where loving compassion resides—or in other words—plunging into the Subconscious.

Through a series of short inductions called Guided Exercises you will be taken through the four realms of existence—mineral, plant, animal, human—to explore what blocks your way and what can develop your path to the right use of will.

Using techniques from the Kabbalah of Dreaming—the Jewish mystics’ art of dreaming— you will learn to balance left and right brains and experience how the will of severity and the will of the heart can dance together to create harmony and joy.

This series of classes was created by Catherine Shainberg, international Imagery expert and author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming, DreamBirth and The Kabbalah of Light.

Millicent Lai has trained with Catherine since 2016. She is certified in SAPHIRE® Imagery and Dream Opening®. Her life was transformed totally upon learning the mysterious and creative uses of Dreaming and Imagery. She applies the techniques in her practice to help people release physical and emotional trauma, as well as to unleash the power of their creativity. Millicent is a Certified Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR).

Millicent is a professional graphic and product designer with a BA (Hons.) in Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


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