START DATE: October 26, 2021

FORMAT: ONLINE  1 Online Class per week for the entire School year (22 weeks)
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PREREQUISITE: One Dream Opening® workshop or Introduction to Dream Opening® downloaded course
AGES: 24 and up


Why do you have dreams and what are they telling you? How do you access them while getting them to answer your questions and solve your problems?

If you are fascinated by the dream state and have an inner knowing that your dreams are communicating with you, if you want to dive deeper into the realm of dreams, then you would truly love the experience of our BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE DREAM OPENING® online class.

Every single one of us is having dreams every single time we go to sleep. Sometimes we remember our dreams and other times we don’t. Some seem silly and meaningless, while others seem so vivid and profound that they can stay with us for days.

But why do dreams sometimes seem so weird, random and confusing? Is there any meaning to them? What about those dreams that seem to be so clear, powerful and real?

Many of us can become frustrated by not knowing what our dreams mean—and yet they can be so profound. The reality is that your dreams are trying to tell you something and communicate with you.

So if you want to know what your dreams mean, how to access your dreams and get the answers to your problems, then you’ll absolutely love our BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE DREAM OPENING® online class.

You’ll get to spend an entire year with us as we dive deep into understanding the power of your dreams. This is a one year online class where you’ll get to meet every week online with one of the School of Images® Teachers.

The class Instructor will be teaching the breakthrough techniques of the School’s founder and world renowned author and teacher, Dr Catherine Shainberg.

Here is what you can expect over the course of the year!
You will develop an in-depth understanding of what the night dream is, and discover exactly:

● Why you have dreams
● What are your dreams trying to tell you
● How to decipher and clearly understand what they are telling you
● How to access them whenever you desire
● How to use your dreams to gain valuable answers to your questions and solve your problems.

This is just a sample of what we’ll explore:

● What is the state called dreaming?
● What are the different stages of sleep?
● How do you induce a deep peaceful sleep?
● How do you plunge in and discover what is really happening in the depths of your being?
● Do you have to wait for night to roll in again to tap into this cornucopia of wisdom?
● Can you become conscious and aware in your dreamtime and while you are dreaming?
● Can you meet others at will in the dream state and can you prove that you have actually met them?
● And so much more, as you connect to the spiritual realm in your dreams.

You will learn to:

● Study the different types of dreams and the ladder of transformation they offer you in all areas of your life
● Explore clairvoyant and prophetic dreams and how you can develop them
● Address lucid dreaming states and out of body experiences, and how to develop them
● Learn and practice the basic Dream Opening® techniques, within a recent dream presented by one of the students.
○ After the original dreamer has presented his dream, you become the secondary dreamer of the dream and give own response and associations to the dream.
○ When all participants have spoken, the dream is returned to the original dreamer to respond with comments of his or her own.
○ This process is called “opening” the dream.
○ The students learn to distinguish four levels of opening: The story, the pattern, the question, the secret; and to decide whether the dream is open-ended or completed
● Discover the true question of the dream
● Respond to the necessity of each dream and why it is a crucial part of your dreamwork
● Induce short deep interludes of sleep from which you can recover deep insights and creativity at will
● Move from the creative insights in these short interludes of sleep to a full fledged waking dream
● Work with Dream Partners in the workshop
● Learn incubation practices to induce healing
● Meet with your Guides and with relatives who’ve passed over
● Learn how to dream fully awake

The first few classes will be spent reviewing the fundamentals of Dream Opening®.

● Each week a dream will be chosen for opening by the group.
● Each student should post a recent dream to the Dream Portal before each class.
● Each of you will have a Dream Partner.
● You will be given dream exercises to develop your skills.
● The class concentrates on exercises to expand dreaming abilities—lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathy and prophecy.
● You will learn to recognize the dream necessity, its applications to the secondary dreamer’s dream opening, and to respond exactly to the dream necessity.
● We will review the different techniques to open up a stuck dream flow and return to a flowing dreaming.

Each of you will have a dream partner. You will be given dream exercises each week to do in your nighttime dreaming—these exercises will develop your ability to have lucid dreams, to develop clairvoyance and to help others in your dreamtime.

We will learn to dream for the betterment of the dream community and then for the world at large.

and more:

PLEASE NOTE: Although this class is for students who are familiar with the fundamentals of Dream Opening®, if you have not completed that online class you’ll receive complimentary access to that pre-requirement course once you enroll in this class.

Are you ready to connect with the spiritual realm and access the power of your dreams?
Are you ready to transform your life in all areas by accessing the wisdom and message of your dreams?

If this resonates with you and you want to spend the next year with world authorities on this subject then we want to welcome you to the BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE DREAM OPENING® online class.

Spaces are limited so please ensure you click the link below to begin your enrollment process.

Start Date – October 26, 2021
Duration: 1 Year
Format: 1 Online Class per week for the School year (22 weeks)
Investment: $1,215


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