開啟夢境班 Chinese Dream Opening® 2020-21


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CLASS: Chinese Dream Opening® (in Chinese)


TERM: Oct 28, 2021 through May 21, 2022—registration by the year only
Please note: There are no classes on School breaks—please see current year dates here

LOCATION: ONLINE on ZOOM (please see this link for technical requirements)


AGES: 24 and up


THEME: Dream Opening® Basics

In this course, you will continue to master the fundamentals of Dream Opening.

This course teaches the practice of true dreaming. True dreaming is powerful—it is the source of intent and manifestation. To practice true dreaming requires skill and practice. Using ancient methods taught by Sephardic kabbalists for centuries to develop their dreaming abilities this course teaches you to harness the power of dreaming and access the vertical path.

● Each week a dream will be chosen for opening by the group.
● Each student should post a recent dream to the Dream Portal before each class.
● Each of you will have a Dream Partner.
● You will be given dream exercises to develop your skills.
● The class concentrates on exercises to expand dreaming abilities—lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathy and prophecy.
● You will learn to recognize the dream necessity, its applications to the secondary dreamer’s dream opening, and to respond exactly to the dream necessity.
● We will review the different techniques to open up a stuck dream flow and return to a flowing dreaming.

You will be given dream exercises each week to do in your nighttime dreaming—these exercises will develop your ability to have lucid dreams, to develop clairvoyance and to help others in your dreamtime.

We will learn to dream for the betterment of the dream community and then for the world at large.


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