DREAMBIRTH® Integration:
Course One


“DreamBirth® helped me to connect with my baby early on. I was able to get my baby to flip for the doctors during an important ultrasound. She was hiding but once the doctors left the room I spoke to her using the DreamBirth® techniques and she turned completely around for me. From that day on I was convinced that DreamBirth® works” —Melinda Chen

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CLASS: DREAMBIRTH® Integration: Course One
(8 weekly online classes of 90 minutes each)

DAY & TIME: FRIDAY 2:30–4:00p  US EST/EDT (see School Calendar here)

TERM: Jun 18, 25; Jul 2, 09, 16, 23,  30, Aug 6

LOCATION: ONLINE via Zoom (please see this link for technical requirements)

Streaming recordings will be available for missed classes.

LEVEL: For Practitioners

AGES: 24 and up

TEACHER: Claudia Raiken

THEME: DREAMBIRTH® Integration: Preparation for Final Certifying Exam

Imagery is the language of the body, of experiencing. It is the first language the body understands. As Catherine Shainberg, the creator of DreamBirth® explains, “The body doesn’t understand words as well as it does pictures. You can’t tell your heart to beat less quickly, but by imagery you can learn to quiet heart beats, to lower high blood pressure, to stop premature contractions…”, to get the baby in the right position, to open easily, to diffuse and lessen pain—the list is endless.

With DreamBirth® you can:

• Learn to see, connect and communicate with your baby throughout your Pregnancy
• Create an easeful and beneficial birth environment for you and your baby
• Promote optimal fetal positioning
• Diminish fears
• Help reduce pain during labor
• Accelerate the post- partum healing process
• Minimize side effects of medication
• Create deeper intimacy between you and your partner

DreamBirth is a phenomenal technique to transform fears and beliefs about pregnancy and birth. It also reveals and transforms ancestral patterns that hamper pregnancy and birth, and provides ways to easily handle the additional demands of partners, parents and other children. This course also includes tools for dealing with hospital procedures and birthing personnel that can affect your natural flow. It is a unique and super effective method to create the conditions for a positive birth experience.


DREAMBIRTH® Integration: Course One

These eight classes are designed to integrate all you have learned in the classes for Pregnancy and Birth, Conception, and Mothering and Bonding.

You will learn to:

• Organize all the exercises in a way that is useful to your practice

• Create a client initial meeting plan

• Create and practice your ‘elevator pitch’

• Review all the major concepts presented in the class notes, especially those that deal with how to use and present imagery, focusing on how to repair and respond to the necessity of the image.  

This final review is  an opportunity to put together all you have learned and observed in the classes you have taken. We will focus on particular cases and discuss possible approaches.  You will be able to bring in cases, and also to work on cases brought in by the Teacher.  Classes will be adapted to the current needs of the participants.


Claudia Raiken worked with Catherine on the development of the DreamBirth® method, with seven other doulas, nurses, psychologists and birth professionals. The method has been producing innovative and successful results for women for over ten years.


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