DreamBirth® | Pregnancy and Birth | Course 2


This 8-week course will prepare both doula and birth parents to develop the flexibility of mind and body needed for easy delivery and on preparing for birth and immediate postpartum life.  Exercises for all of these moments using imagery and physical activity will cover a wide range of situations and birth decisions.

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Claudia Raiken will lead this 8-week course in the DreamBirth® approach to Pregnancy and Birth (Course 2)

DreamBirth® | Pregnancy and Birth | Course 2

Eight (8) sessions |  June 13-August 1, 2022 |  Online

Mondays 12 noon –  1:30 PM EST/US  

Part 1 – Flexibility of body and mind

The main focus of these four classes is developing flexibility of body and mind, which is what birth and mothering require. Expand theme of how DreamBirth® allows us to direct the cells of our body, nature itself, into its most optimal, easeful functioning. Our bodies, our cells, the unborn baby, are wanting to express their perfection! Importance of alignment for comfort and easier birth-  with correct alignment there is more room for baby, and allows it to descend. Exercises that expand and lengthen. Exercises to turn breech or misaligned baby. Light, air and water images expand; connection between jaw and pelvis, mouth and cervix. In these classes we also introduce exercises for the husband or partner.

Part 2 – Preparing for birth (for both birthing professionals and birthing parents)

The focus of these four classes is preparing for the birth, for both doula and birthing parents, and exercises for postpartum issues. Exercises  to deal with contractions, hospital procedures.  Exercises to deal with problems that  can arise during labor, including placenta not releasing. Exercises for cesarean, or any other intervention, wanted or not wanted; importance of getting body’s (and baby’s) permission.  These four classes focus on exercises for birthing professionals and exercises for making decisions! Exercises for immediately after the birth: to connect with baby, to clear the body if any medications were taken, to heal any tears or incisions, to talk to doctors and nurses and to encourage for milk supply.

 A link to the ZOOM sessions for this class will be sent on or before June 12, 2022 to all confirmed enrollees.

Cost: $360 USD

Payment in cart or via PayPal to due by 10 June 2022.  


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