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Excellent — Maryam Derakhshanian

Enjoying the book. It has a lot of information, plus it’s an easy read.
A very good book. — Cary P


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  1. soiadmin

    For Pregnancy:

    DreamBirth was extremely beneficial to me. I did a number of imagery exercises on a daily basis that helped me connect with my baby and visualize a calm, healthy birth — Sharon Lenfest

    DreamBirth helped me focus in communicating with my baby in the womb and addressing my anxieties — Christina Mansfield

    For Labor:

    DreamBirth made a huge difference in my positive outlook on the delivery and how I actually managed the pain naturally. My husband also did DreamBirth supportive imagery to help him envision his role during the labor and delivery and found it very helpful — Emily Elder

    DreamBirth is invaluable. My labor progressed very quickly and I am convinced that the imagery work helped: my baby and body just knew what to do, as we had rehearsed it many times. I also have no doubt that the imagery helped enormously in having a perfectly positioned baby who descended very quickly and perfectly — Judith Reinhart

    My baby was born by planned caesarian. He wasn’t afraid or anxious or confused like a lot of caesarian babies. He latched on at the first try. I attribute his comfort and ease at being born to the DreamBirth imagery. It also contributed to my fast recovery — Christina Mansfield

    Just how powerful is DreamBirth? My daughter’s blood sugar was down. So I visualized light flowing from my breast through the milk into my daughter. When the nurse checked again, the blood sugar was normal — Judith Reinhart

    I never would have had the stamina and optimism necessary to get through labor without DreamBirth — Sharon Lenfest

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