DAY & TIME: TUESDAY / 5:30p-7:00p US EDT/EST


LOCATION:ONLINE via ZOOM (please see this link for technical requirements)

LEVEL: OPEN: Beginner through Advanced 

TEACHER: Catherine Shainberg


Morphology is the study of the form and structure of living organisms. The word comes from the Greek ‘morphe’ meaning shape and ‘logos’ science. Since morphology guides you to see and embrace the true nature of each individual, it is possible to achieve enlightened consciousness through this practice alone.

Continuation of our study of the Greek types. This year we will be learning about
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus.
We immerse ourselves in their stories through a number of imagery exercises that help us experience in ourselves both their shape and their psyche.
The Greek Gods are prototypes. We are mixed types, which means that we are configured of different types. We could be a Jupiter-Moon or a Mars-Venus, for example. We will be spending a lot of time looking at pictures of mixed types to identify those configurations and to understand how they affect the story and the psyche of the people we are looking at.
We will also learn how even in morphology we have a choice as to what parts of ourselves we want to develop, and we have an ability to affect our forms.

Open to all. Even if you’ve never studied morphology you will be able to follow the class.

Studying morphology will teach you:

  • How to recognize, identify and trust your body language and your instinctive responses to people.
  • How to recognize and identify body language and instinctive responses in other people.
  • How to see people clearly and compassionately.
  • How to identify similarities and differences and see how they are useful.
  • Discernment that is practical and kind.
  • How to replace compulsive oppositional patterns in your relationships (including your relationship to yourself) with the discovery of infinite possibility.

Morphology can show you:

  • Who to hire for personal or business services.
  • Who to work with, and how best to work with them.

Morphology will also help you:

  • Get along better with your in-laws, your spouse, your boss, your children, your relatives or your assistant.
  • Not to take things personally—to have more compassion and understanding for others.



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