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DAY & TIME: MONDAY / 6:00p-7:45p US EDT/EST


LOCATION: ONLINE via ZOOM (please see this link for technical requirements)

LEVEL: OPEN: Beginner through Advanced 

TEACHER: Catherine Shainberg


THEME:The Ten Plagues: A Study to Navigate Pandemic

When illness strikes, it can be sudden, and like the ten plagues combined it wipes away everything that we have labored for. We are flung far from the land of milk and honey we took for granted. Should we curse God? Or meekly accept our fate? Should we fight for our health?

Returning to wholeness requires understanding where we deviated and why. Like Pharaoh of the stiff neck in the Exodus story, we have stubbornly resisted doing what we know in our innermost selves needs to be done. Wholeness is . To start the journey back to wholeness—an abundance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual riches—we are going to reverse through the Ten Plagues and leap into the Ten Perfect Creations. We will return to the holiness of the garden to fully reintegrate the state of Oneness Adam the First Human is said to have embodied.

Why Ten? The Bible dramatically opens up with ten sounds so powerful they break through non-existence to create space-time and all that occupies it. Ten is the metaphoric number for wholeness in the Hebrew Bible. Illuminating God’s Image in our bodies, these ten spheres of action (Sephirot) depend on our action to sustain whole and healthy bodies in a healthy world. Ten resonates throughout: Ten Generations from Adam to Noah, Ten Abrahamic Tests, Ten plagues, Ten Commandments.

With Adam’s fall we lost our wholeness, and we must reverse back to the source of wholeness. It will take us ten gates of transformation before we can bring our “semblance” (we are made in the semblance of God as well as in His image) to return to unification with God’s Image. Jacob, our third patriarch, demanded of God that He give us illness so that we would feel the urge to put our house in order. Learning from the Ten can we find our way back to ONE, where wholeness reigns? The promise is that if we return to source—the Godlike Image in the tabernacle of our bodies—we will be restored instantaneously to health and wholeness.

We began this journey in the last School year, but anyone who is new to the class can productively enter it this year. Two plagues were studied and will be referenced before we continue on to the eight other plagues.

Imagery is the foundational class for the Saphire® work. Classes are experiential and interactive, with a presentation of the week’s material followed by the week’s imaginal exercises. Catherine works with students individually during the class, and all students participate in every exercise.



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