We would all like abundance and prosperity; at the very least we require enough to survive and take care of loved ones. But what is enough? What’s prosperity to one person may be subsistence to another.


People’s lives reflect their ideas.


What are your ideas about abundance, health, job, money?


Prosperity? Worth? Value? Did you inherit your ancestors’ opinions about this subject? Your family’s? Do you believe in success? Do you think you’re “supposed to be poor” or poverty is holy? Do you think you’re only worth something if you’re rich? Do you believe there’s nothing you can do, that “the rich get rich and the poor get poorer”?


What if there’s something you can do to create abundance for yourself, whatever abundance means to you?


Using our tools of choice, Imagery, Dream Opening®, Reversing and Life Plan, we examine some of the modern as well as ancient kabbalistic ways of intending and manifesting abundance for ourselves and letting go of the obstacles we may have to receiving it.


Be prepared, eyes wide shut, to find the internal treasure that will fund your richer life!