Bible Stories III: Jonah, Lot

We are entering the third year of a global epidemic with, hopefully, a return to some form of normalcy. We must still cope with the trauma of loss and our fears for the future. Like great tectonic plates, our societies have shifted, unbalancing our habitual structures and forcing us to transform. We see it happening all around us, in our families, in our communities, as well as in ourselves. When the playing field is radically changed, how do we face the unknown? Can we prepare ourselves for a new order whose outlines we can only guess at? Does the Bible offer us insights or guidelines for dealing with survival? We are being asked to cope with drastic shifts, affecting our livelihoods, our relationships, our modes of living. What can we learn from the great myths of our Western tradition to shore up against uncertainty and face the miasmas of fear engulfing our societies?

Two stories come to mind, Jonah and the Whale, Lot and His Daughters. Both Jonah and Lot are prophets whose role is to illuminate for us a better future. In our first story, disaster is averted through the reluctant doings of the prophet Jonah. But how? What is the story teaching us about our responsibility towards ourselves and our communities? The people of Nineveh saved their great city, with Jonah’s help but soon reverted back to forgetfulness. Today we are already seeing a return to our old habits. While we need to embrace a Jonah-like consciousness, an opening to the urgency of our situation, will we understand in time to avert an even greater disaster in the making: The rapid destruction of our ecology through climate change? In the story of Lot and His Daughters we are faced with what looks like total destruction. Does total destruction come as retribution (the vengeance of an angry god) or as a consequence of our sins (errors, indifference, impotence)? If it comes, as the sages tell us, from our sins, this should give us great hope. We have the power to change the course of events. How can we, like Lot’s daughters, turn this unfolding disaster around in time to save ourselves and the earth?

We are all engaged together in this epic moment. Let us, during three days together, explore how we can quantum leap our consciousness to a supranatural, prophetic state. Together let us envision a future that returns paradise on earth and our societies back to peace and mutual cooperation. Get ready to close your eyes and envision the New World your soul longs to manifest.