During these three days and nights (yes, you will be working at night!) you will develop an in-depth understanding of what the night dream is, addressing questions such as:

  • Why we have dreams
  • What they are trying to tell us
  • How to understand what they are telling us
  • How to access them
  • How to get them to answer our questions and solve our problems.

You will explore:

  • What is the state called dreaming?
  • What are the different stages of sleep?
  • How do we induce a deep peaceful sleep?
  • How do we plunge in to discover what is really happening in the depths of our being?
  • Do we have to wait for night to roll in again to tap into this cornucopia of wisdom?
  • Can we become conscious in our dreamtime that we are dreaming?
  • Can we meet others at will in the dream state and can we prove that we have actually met them?
  • And more.

You will learn to:

  • Study the different types of dreams and the ladder of transformation they offer us
  • Explore clairvoyant and prophetic dreams and how to develop them
  • Address lucid dreaming and out of body experiences and how to develop them
  • Learn and practice the basic Dream Opening techniques in which a recent dream is presented by one of the students. After the original dreamer has narrated his dream, the participants become the secondary dreamers of the dream and give their own responses and associations to the dream. When all the participants have spoken, the dream is returned to the original dreamer to respond with comments of his or her own. This process is called “opening up” the dream. The students learn to distinguish four levels of opening: the story, the pattern, the question, the secret; and to ponder whether the dream is open-ended or completed
  • Discover the true question of the dream
  • Respond to the necessity of the dream and why it is a crucial part of your dream work
  • Induce short deep interludes of sleep from which you can recover your deep insights and creative movements at will
  • Move from the creative insights emerging from these short interludes of sleep to a full fledged waking dream
  • Work with dream partners
  • Incubation practices to induce healing, with accompanying meetings with guides and with dead relatives
  • Dream fully awake

The three days and nights will be filled with practices and demonstrations. We will be practicing deep relaxation and exploring the hypnagogic state during which the body cools down.

Please come with a small pillow to rest your hands or head, and a blanket or shawl to keep warm.