This workshop teaches Imagery tools that will enable students to quickly and easily develop solutions and create success in business.
Participants will learn the following:

  • The four laws of development from dream to manifestation, and how to shift the patterns that block them from unfolding
  • Creativity: How to stimulate it and find one’s creative voice
  • Problem solving: How to untangle the difficulties; how to reach one’s goal
  • Peer to peer relationships
  • How to develop team work
  • Understanding your client
  • The Life Plan: Its uses in understanding others and in marketing.
    Since this work develops self-empowerment, much of the work is experiential; people will be asked to close their eyes and look within. The work consists of short, guided exercises and explications. The aim is to stimulate imagination to access new perspectives and new possibilities.

    Schedule: Two days, 6 hours each day
    Optional introductory 3 hour evening session before workshop

    Enrollment: Maximum 50 people

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