Hidden Patterns of the Imagination:
How to Integrate Imagery Work into Your Practice

A 3-day professional workshop by Dr. Catherine Shainberg
for therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists,
osteopaths, chiropractors, cranio-sacral practitioners, body workers
and other healing professionals.

Imagination has a vocabulary and a grammar of its own. This workshop will teach you its rules and how to apply them for diagnosis and for healing.

Images are the language of experiencing; this is why they are also the
language of the body. The body is not just a delineated physical form, but a vast pool of awareness that hovers below the surface of consciousness. Since experiencing happens at all times and images are the language of experience,images are being made all the time. They are the matrix of our existence.

While it is easier to see images in a very relaxed state—on the edge of
sleep or at night when the left brain shuts off—you can learn to trigger the “seeing” of images by short inductions or jolts. It is in this relaxed state that you will find the clues to a person’s true nature and condition, not in their conscious appraisal of themselves. If you want a quick diagnosis, short-circuit the conscious mind and go straight to the stream of dream images that, like a river’s running waters, show you the patterns and blocks of your clients’ lives.

In this workshop we will be exploring how to:

  • Read images
  • Diagnose
  • Respond to the necessity of the images
  • Stimulate transformation
  • Find the origin of blocked patterns
  • Explore and enlarge creative possibilities
  • Use the laws of the imagination
  • Read a person¹s body and face
    We will use both yourselves and your clients as models in demonstrating how to include Imagery and visualization in your practice.

    This is an experiential and interactive workshop. You will be using both yourselves and the presentation of clients as examples of how to include imagery and visualization into your practice. You will have many opportunities to ask questions and to discuss your issues.

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