What is “body”? Why does it have five names—both in the Hebrew and the Egyptian languages? And how is it connected to the five senses, the five elements, the five mystical worlds, the five terrestrial worlds? By following the path the ancients have drawn for us, we travel the DNA ladder from the dense body to the subtle—exploring the senses, elements, and worlds through language and image. We will move from mundane life to the Merkabah within ourselves—the same “chariot” of fire (your five bodies ignited) that took Enoch and Elija up to heaven; the same upon which Ezekiel saw seated the Man of Light on a sapphire blue throne.

In three powerful days, we will learn to harness each of the five elements to accomplish an experiential ascension beyond Time and Space into the Now. What does it mean to be in the Now, fully present?

It means we allow ourselves to experience the pulsating truth of our embodiment:

We heal our mis-alignments, using the Tree of Life as a road map.

We listen to the stories we have about our bodies and learn to “sound” healthier truths.

We tame the animals that would devour us in the wilderness of our land.

We step out of the old into a new world, facing the uncertainty and the doubt.

We dare to be alive and present to the living presence of God within.

Moving the body with Imagery is effective on a physical as well as a soul level. In fact, we must do it on all five levels. Attaining this state is referred to as “donning the coat of many colors”. As the Zohar tells us: “The Rainbow took off her garment and gave it to Moses. Wearing the garment, Moses went up the mountain; from inside it he saw what he saw, delighting in the All…” Following in Moses’ footsteps, in these three days we will consider the possibility of immortality—our beingness made in the image of God.