You know how to walk, do you know how to dream? 
There are two ways to travel through life, the walk and the dream. The walk is what you do everyday as you move through your life, it starts when you are born, follows a story (yours) and eventually ends. The dream is vertical. It breaks through time with its insights, premonitions, clairvoyance and visions. In surprising and sometimes shocking ways it brings truth, like a mirror reflecting back to you what you cannot otherwise see because your daily preoccupations and emotions cloud your knowledge of yourself and of the world.

The dream cuts through confusion. The dream is revelatory. It infuses new meaning into your life, propels your story forward, changes the direction of your walk. Walking and dreaming are two things you must do simultaneously, but too often you are only aware of the walk.

You are dreaming as you read this but you have lost sight of the images and sounds, smells, tastes and textures of your inner world. Your dreaming goes on night and day—by which I mean not your wishful imaginings, reveries or fantasy—but true dreaming.

True dreaming is powerful—it is the source of intent and manifestation. To practice true dreaming requires skill and practice. Using ancient methods taught by Sefardic kabbalists for centuries to develop their dreaming abilities this workshop will teach you how to harness the power of dreaming and access the vertical path. Be prepared for three days of arduous introspection, with eyes wide shut.