Morphology is the study of the form and structure of living organisms. The word comes from the Greek ‘morphe’ meaning shape and ‘logos’ science. Shape is at the very heart of the mystery of embodiment. From the smallest microbe or snow crystal to huge galactic clusters, to plants, animal life and the human body, the same simple patterns reappear: circle, spiral, line, curve.
Learning to read the text of nature was in the past reserved for high initiates. The Greeks taught morphology through stories connected to their twelve major gods. Our life story and our physical form are intimately linked.
For instance, Mars is masculine and combative, impulsive and passionate. By plunging into his story and becoming Mars for a moment can we begin to envision his physical form?
Our work during this workshop will be to use our dreaming tools to embody each of these gods’ stories, seek to discover the god’s specific embodiment, ask ourselves what it feels like and what it means physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually to be in their prototypal form. We will then look at these forms from the outside and learn to identify in others the signs of these major prototypes.
This is the first of four workshops meant to cover the twelve Greek Gods. By the end of the series you will be able to not only identify each of these prototypes but understand their characters. None of us are pure prototypes. Instead we are a mix. The mix of prototypes combines to create in each of us a unique personality. This first workshop will recap the 4 grids and cover Saturn and Jupiter.

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