Morphology is the study of the body as it reveals character and tendency. 
Which simply means you can know what someone’s real character is by observing their shape: Face, head, hands, and all the rest of the body.

We examine the classic myths about the Twelve Greek Gods as they represent body types. You will learn to recognize the traits associated with these myths on the faces and bodies of the people you encounter. You will find out to read people in this manner, and know how best to treat them in any situation—whether it’s your boss, your spouse, your child or a complete stranger. Knowledge of Morphology empowers you with understanding so you don’t have to take interactions personally, and you can respond effectively to whomever you’re dealing with.

This basic course covers:

  • 3 body types based on embryonic development
  • The 3 areas of mental, emotional and physical
  • The four humors of Hippocrates and Ezekiel’s vision (how the elements are combined to determine the temperament)
  • Study of the hand
  • The Seven Openings
  • The 12 morphological types, 12 Greek gods and 12 Hebrew tribes (how shape determines the character and behavior)

Morphology gives you the knowledge to interact with compassion and tolerance to anyone, understanding who you are, and who they really are.