The work of Splendor, called Bahir in the Kabbalistic text of the same name, is the art of creating light within. “Out of the darkness comes the light.” The light is born of your turning your eyes within. When you do you will see your imagination at play.

In many traditions this birth of light within ourselves is mythologized as the child of light, whether it is Horus in the Egyptian pantheon, Isaac or Moses in the Bible, the infant Jesus in the New Testament. It is also called In-tuition, in contrast to what we are taught on the outside.

This “child of light” or intuition may be a revelation to us, showing us a different side to ourselves or a different truth from the one we are taught by parents, teachers or peers. It is the nature of our world of limitations that what we have been taught on the outside doesn’t always sit well with our inner truth.

Inevitably within each of us is a suffering child, a child who has lost that perfect happiness and innocence, that garden of delights the child of light reminds us of. Twins, separated at birth, these two are longing to be reunited. But a journey awaits the suffering child, one in which he must face the obstacles each hero must face to return to himself and reunite with his twin.

He will have to face the beasts of his instincts, the storms of his emotions, the father and mother of his belief systems, to reach the inner sanctum of himself, the child of light within.

This is a work of clarification, purification and courage. But do not fear, your imagination will be your guide and will show you the way.

Get ready to wake up and dream yourself back to the true joy that is within each of you! Get ready to journey from innocence to innocence reconquered!