The Bible is replete with examples of normal human beings like ourselves hearing the voice of God or seeing visions sent by God. Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, prophecy, according to the Talmudic sages, has disappeared. All we are left with, they tell us, are dreams that are 1/60th of prophecy, and intuition, which Elijah calls “the still small voice”. 
But the Talmudic sages also predicted that prophecy would return with the advent of the Messianic era. We are now entering that unprecedented time which, we were told, would be announced by signs of great turbulence and chaos in the world. How do we protect ourselves and our families through these dark times? How do we prepare for the new era?
This workshop is about developing the sacred science of in-tuition (the science of the world within as opposed to the science of the world without) and prophecy as it was described by Ezekiel, the last of the great prophets.
We will experience the different steps as he outlined them in his great vision of the Man of Light.
Be prepared to close your eyes and follow his guidance, taking the path Kabbalists have always followed who, through dreams, waking dreams, visions and clairaudience, took the plunge into the self to discover not only themselves, but the greater Self, the Man of Light, made in the Image of God. 
The work is to surrender to that greater Self whose “ word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path,” and be guided safely through the changing landscape of our modern world. Do not trust blindly but learn the science that allows us to trust our intuition and believe our visions.