The language of the Tarot is one of images, shapes, colors, letters and numbers, which is the language of dreaming. Therefore we will study the cards through your night dreaming and through guided imagery exercises applied to the cards. We will not focus specifically on divination, although anyone interested in Tarot reading will get great benefit from studying the cards for their deeper inner meaning. Our focus will be on illuminating the different paths and stumbling blocks to transformation.

The Tarot speaks of balancing the different opposites to reach a state of paradoxical balance. It suggests that illumination can only be experienced as a balancing act that is always in movement but becomes a solid anchor to the one who cleaves to the practice of the path. Our aim is to clarify both the steps to inner transformation and the practice that leads to it. Our main purpose will be to study the book of Tarot as a whole, as well as each card, to uncover the profound teachings and path to inner transformations that the cards illustrate.

In each class, exercises are presented, and each student is asked what (s)he saw after the exercise is done. Guidance is given individually to each student, depending on the necessity revealed in that student’s imagery. The exercises are quick, simple, powerful, revelatory, effective and easy to do.

While we do not know the origins of Tarot—the first decks appear in 1500 CE—the Tarot can be considered as a compendium of the Western spiritual teachings. Indeed, the cards speak to an age-old wisdom that is akin to the Jewish mystical tradition. There were other influences in the formation of the deck, and we will look at possible historical links to the Western esoteric tradition as well.

We will be using both the Camoin Marseilles Tarot deck and the original Rider Waite deck.
Please have both decks when you come to the workshop.