This workshop develops tools for true dreaming and heart centered living. Through intensive work including guided imagery, dream openings, life plan and intent, we clear repetitive behavior and old familial or personal patterns to access our power as creators. We learn to be masters of our inner movements—emotions, reactions and secondary emotions—and to choose the heart centered way to the core image and truth of our being, through feeling-response.
Each of us vibrates to our own song—set in motion by our parents’ intent when they conceived us, honed with our first heartbeat, set at our birth dates, and focused when our parents named us. In this workshop, we use sound, numerology and chanting to return us to the heart center. We refine and correct our trajectory by focusing on our choice to retain—or release—our parents’ intent and outside influences. As we disengage from imposed selfhoods, we can identify the difference between fantasy and true dreaming. Finally, we listen for the spiritual intent of the heart vibrations which informed our cells in uterus, so attuning ourselves again to our own unique song.